You Have To Try This Trick! How To Make A Dry Erase Drawing Dance In Water

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You may have seen one of these videos online by now. You can make a dry erase drawing animate just by adding water.

We tried it ourselves. Here’s what happened.

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The way it works is just simple science. Dry erase markers don’t contain the strong adhesive that’s in permanent markers. That’s why the ink can easily be wiped away on a whiteboard – or many other surfaces. Because the ink can’t be dissolved in liquid, when you write with a dry erase marker on a smooth surface the ink floats up when you add water.

It can be a bit tricky and may make a wee bit of a mess, but it’s totally worth it to entertain and educate your kids.

Have you tried it? Did you get better results than we did? We’d love to see your video! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

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