Welcome To Austin! A Guide To ATX For New Friends And Family

Howdy, stranger — and welcome to Austin! We’re excited to have your family join the eclectic community that makes up our great town. We may be a large city (and growing larger by the second), but Austin still manages to feel like a fairly close-knit community, and we hope you love it just as much as we do.

Welcome to Austin

The City of Austin has temporarily banned public gatherings. Please stay home. The Free Fun in Austin calendar is only for live digital events at this time.

To help you start out on the right foot we’ve created this Welcome to Austin guide that you can access online or print to keep with you as you explore the city streets. Sure, you could go it on your own, but keep in mind that in Austin we do things a bit on the weird side. Our streets have funny pronunciations, tacos and queso make up one of our five food groups, and people watching here is practically an Olympic sport.

So jump right in and you’ll be saying “y’all” and packing your bag for a music festival in no time! We’ve embedded the guide below, but if for some reason it’s not showing up you can always find it right here.

Brought to you by Toybrary Austin, a toy lending library for children ages 6 months to 5 years old.  



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Laurie Lyons-Makaimoku
As a long time Austin resident, Laurie is a big fan of dive bars, the Spurs, and low-key celebrity stalking. She's also a UT grad with a master's in New Media Journalism, and has never met a pug that she didn't like.
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