Water Playscape at Brushy Creek Park Revisited

What is wrong with this picture?  There are hardly any children in it!  Well, maybe that’s not wrong, but it is surprising.  I took my three boys to the Water Playscape at Brushy Creek Park this morning, expecting the place to be packed.  There were two daycare buses there when we arrived, but by 11:30 a.m. the splash pad had pretty much cleared out.  The boys were happy as clams getting themselves, and each other, soaking wet.

If you go, consider bringing water guns, balls or buckets to fill with water, to make the splash park even more fun!  And don’t forget your bathing suits, adults.  You’ll have a much better time in this heat if you’re wet too.

The City of Austin has temporarily banned public gatherings. Please stay home. The Free Fun in Austin calendar is only for live digital events at this time.

One nice thing about this splash pad is that the wet ground doesn’t get hot, so no water shoes are necessary.  There is however a fun playground nearby, and the dry sidewalk is scorching, so keep little shoes handy for the walk over there.

The area by the splash pad also has bathrooms (hooray!), a volleyball court, and plenty of picnic pavilions.  The pavilions are available for rent, but can be used if no one has reserved them in advance.  My boys spent a good deal of time “hunting for dragonflies” in the grass, after eating our lunch inside one of the shady pavilions.

If for some reason you arrive at the Water Playscape and find it not working, head down Brushy Creek Road a little ways and visit Champion Park instead.  There is a little bit of water fun over there as well!  Just be sure to drive the speed limit (35 mph) on that road.  Trust me on that one.

Water Playscape at Brushy Creek Park 
3300 Brushy Creek Road
Cedar Park, Texas
Open daily from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.  

For a list of 21 free splash pads and sprinkler parks in the greater Austin area, visit here.



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