Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin

Hello there! It’s B from Unexpectedly Expecting Baby, seeing as how Heidi was so kind as to let me commandeer her blog again to share yet another amazing discovery we made this past week! 

If you’ve never visited Umlauf Sculpture Gardens, run (or bike, or drive your hybrid – this is Austin, after all!) as fast as you can over there. While there is a nominal fee for adults ($1.00 for seniors/students, $3.50 for general admission), children under 6 are free, so that’s semi-free fun in Austin, right? Despite the small entry fee, though, I can assure you that this is the best $3.50 I spent all week long, and that’s even considering that I hit the drive-thru window for Wendy’s .99 cents menu. Bad eating habits aside, though, the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens were lovely. Better yet, the wonderfully considerate guy manning the front desk provided us with a “safari” to complete, which was essentially a scavenger hunt of the different statues. We chose animals, and set off trying to find the handful on the sheet, circling them as we found them and awaiting our “prize”. Also worth noting? The shade. The entire place is secluded in such a way that it’s immensely shady, and if you go when it opens (10 a.m. most days), you’ll beat the worst of the heat!

Here are some pictures of the grounds:

The City of Austin has temporarily banned public gatherings. Please stay home. The Free Fun in Austin calendar is only for live digital events at this time.

Aside from the safari, the best thing about the Umlauf is that all the sculptures outside can be touched, climbed upon, and otherwise interacted with. Whereas normal art seems stuffy to children, my girls had a blast climbing all over and getting face-to-face with the animals. The only potential downfall I could even think of about this place is that some of the sculptures feature nudity, so this may not be the place to take a group of 10-year-old boys, who will likely spend the entire trip laughing hysterically and cracking jokes.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden
605 Robert E. Lee Road
Austin, Texas 78704



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