Review & Giveaway: Cenicienta at ZACH Theatre


Cenicienta is a fun modern retelling of the classic Cinderella story. Set in the basement of her step-family’s home, the play focuses on Belinda, a young girl who is tasked with folding 151 napkins while her step-mother and step-sisters prepare for a party to which she is not invited.


Belinda, expertly played by Gricelda Silva, speaks both English and Spanish and weaves the two languages seamlessly into her dialogue. Although she is alone in the basement, she has created her own exciting world, bringing everyday household items to life. Through the use of Belinda’s imagination and Silva’s expert puppetry, simple items like a pair of gooseneck lamps become friendly allies, and a sleeping bag helps to transform her into a giant caterpillar. Silva is alone on the stage with only the occasional interruption of the voices of her step-family drifting in as they order her to assist them or make complaints, but her energy and performance are captivating and kept the rapt attention of even the youngest members of the audience.


Set in the arena style seating of ZACH Theatre’s Whisenhunt Stage, the audience surrounds Belinda and is in the basement with her. As Belinda talks and plays with the items in the room, she recites a poem she has written for her late mother, and talks about her admiration of the famous Latino author, Gary Soto. She is unaware that Mr. Soto has been invited to the party to deliver an award for a poem submitted by the step-mother. The show then becomes a play within a play as Belinda begins to act out the story “Cenicienta” using found objects in the basement. A teapot becomes a fairy godmother, a magnifying glass is the prince, a napkin with a fancy napkin ring is Cenicienta, and a host of other ordinary items take on new lives as characters in the story.


While Cenicienta may be based on the idea of the traditional Cinderella story, this isn’t the story of a helpless girl looking for a prince to save her. It is the empowering tale of a young girl who understands the importance of reading, writing, and ultimately finding the courage to stand up for herself. When Belinda hears from the party upstairs that Mr. Soto has arrived and is being told that the poem she wrote for her mother is being credited to her step-sisters, she puts on her mother’s favorite dress and heads upstairs to bravely accept credit for her work and embrace her future.

Cenicienta not only teaches an important lesson about bravery and honesty, but it is funny and entertaining for children of all ages.



Cenicienta has extended its run and will now be playing through May 31, 2015 on the Whisenhunt Stage of ZACH Theatre. Don’t miss your chance to see this truly unique and engaging show! Tickets are $12 for children, and $14 for adults.


Free Fun in Austin has four tickets to the Saturday, May 16 at 11 am. show to give away!  For your chance to win, simply fill out the form below. One winner will be selected on Thursday, May 14, 2015 at noon and notified by email.  This prize will not be mailed. Tickets must be claimed in person by the winner, with photo identification.

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