Guest Post: Zilker Botanical Garden

Hi there, Free Fun in Austin readers! I’m B, and I blog regularly over at Unexpectedly Expecting Baby, chronicling my parenting journey in Austin, and going on and on about my kid.

As you know, summer in Austin is HOT, and as such, we’re always looking for new things to do around town that can be done either in the morning, or in the shade. Oh, and free helps also! While Zilker Botanical Gardens isn’t exactly the coolest (temperature wise) option, it’s definitely an amazing place, and is open early and free to the public! What more can you ask? I recently took my daughter and another little girl over to check them out, not knowing what a gem I was about to stumble upon! Seriously, this place is amazing! My only advice is to go early, and pack a more rugged stroller than your umbrella stroller. Oh well – you live, you learn, right? Anyhow, check it out:
We took a sort of counter clockwise approach to seeing the gardens, not realizing the vast expanse they encompassed. The best part about that route is that you’ll come upon the Children’s Garden last, and the girls really got a kick out of the child-sized benches and seats and the Zilker Dino, covered in lush greenery.
All in all, a very successful (if a tad hot) morning. And best of all, it didn’t cost a dime! (Update: Zilker Botanical Garden now charges admission.)
2220 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas

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