FREE Hike: Shoal Creek at 31st St.

Growing Up Austin - Austin Kids Hike - Shoal Creek

This post is part of the FREE Hike of the Week series, brought to you by There are a thousand places to hike in Austin on any given day, most of which are always free, but here is a handy reminder about one favorite. Visit for more kid-friendly hikes and for tips on hiking with kids. A summer tip – early morning and after dinner are the best times to beat the heat!

This spot wins the prize for its lightning-fast transformation from heavy traffic on Lamar, with the trail descending below the street, to a quiet and beautiful walk along Shoal Creek. When you head south from the trail head, there is a rock cliff wall on your left and the creek on your right. It looks like you are in the movies, it is such a good-looking piece of land. Parking is a bit of a challenge. There is only street parking along 31st. Watch the parking signs, parking is only allowed on the north side of the street and they do ticket. You might have to park a bit far from the trailhead, but if I’m ever annoyed by this, I remind myself that I am going on a HIKE, after all.

Stroller friendly: most of the time, but there are some rough spots, check it out without a stroller first, to see what you think

Restrooms: no

Water: yes, but it is usually stagnant in places, so we don’t wade or swim here

North Lamar Boulevard & West 31st Street

Austin, TX 78705

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