FREE Hike: Bull Creek at Lakewood Drive

Growing Up Austin - Bull Creek - Austin Kids Hike

This post is part of the FREE Hike of the Week series, brought to you by There are a thousand places to hike in Austin on any given day, most of which are always free, but here is a handy reminder about one favorite. Visit for more kid-friendly hikes and for tips on hiking with kids. A summer tip – early morning and after dinner are the best times to beat the heat!

This spot has so much going for it, I daydream about buying one of the houses in the neighborhood. You can stay at the park to wade in the shallow waters of Bull Creek, enjoy a snack at picnic tables or use the restroom. There is a trail head at the north end of the park, for a shaded hike. There is plenty of parking at the park.

Stroller friendly: the park is, the hiking trail is not

Restrooms: yes

Water: yes, Bull Creek is good for wading with water shoes, it is usually too shallow for swimming

Lakewood Drive
(South End)
Austin, Texas

The City of Austin has temporarily banned public gatherings. Please stay home. The Free Fun in Austin calendar is only for live digital events at this time.



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