Our Favorite Austin Street Art: Graffiti, Murals, & Mosaics, 2017 Edition


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Austin Art On The East Side

Puppy Love: 2015 E Riverside Dr

Skeletons Mural

Skeletons: 2015 E Riverside Dr (on retaining wall behind buildings)

Metz Pool Mural

Metz Pool: 2407 Canterbury St

Reading Book Mural

Reading: E Cesar Chavez St & Medina St

Magic Love Mural

Magic Love: 112 Medina St (On alley)

Goldfish Mural

Goldfish by Levi Ponce: 1010 E Cesar Chavez St

Girl with Mug Mural

Girl with Mug: 1201 E Cesar Chavez St

Si Se Puede: 1200 E Cesar Chavez St

Loteria Mural

Loteria: 1619 E Cesar Chavez St

Selena Mural

Selena: 1619 E Cesar Chavez St

Blue Cat Mural

Blue Cat: 95 Navasota St

Good Life Mural

Goodlife: 1114 E Cesar Chavez St

Armadillo Mural

Armadillo by Esao Andrews: 2400 E Cesar Chavez St

Spratx Mural

SprATX by Jiminai (l) and Tourmaline Todd (r): 2400 E Cesar Chavez St

Blackbird Mural

Blackbird: 2400 E Cesar Chavez St

Dog Cat Vet Mural

Cat and Dog by ULOANG: 2400 E Cesar Chavez St

Woman with Waves Mural

Woman with Waves: 2501 E Cesar Chavez St

Beauty Shop Mural

Let Love Lead You: 2306 E Cesar Chavez St (back of parking lot)

Breaking Chains Mural

Breaking Chains: 2100 E 3rd St

Selena Mural

Selena by Federico: 2101 E Cesar Chavez St

Bowie Mural

Ziggy Stardust by ULOANG: 2125 E Cesar Chavez St

Mirror Mosaic

Mirror Mosaic: 2109 E Cesar Chavez St

Shark Mural

Shark: 1111 E 6th St

ASL I Love You Mural

ASL I Love You by Show Goat Mural Works: 1504 E 6th St

White Horse Mural

The White Horse: 500 Comal St (on Cisco’s parking lot side)

Austin mural Cisco's: 1511 E 6th

Cisco’s by Nicholas Conrad Miller, et al: 1511 E 6th St

Blue Monsters Mural

Blue Creatures by Michael Sieben: 1502 E 6th St

Revelry Musicians Mural

Gary, Stevie, Willie: 1410 E 6th St

When You're Strange Mural

When You’re Strange by Dave Lowell: 1310 E 6th St

To the Moon Sidewalk

To the Moon: 1300 E 6th St

I Love You, Bacon Mural

I love you, bacon: 1300 E 6th St

Eagle Mural

Eagle: 1209 E 6th St

Ballerina Mural

Ballerinas Behind Fence: 1209 E 6th St

E 6th IBIZ Mural

E 6th IBIZ District: 1201 E 6th St

Monkey Mural

Monkey: 1107 E 6th St

Til Death Mural

‘Til Death by Federico: 1201 E 7th St

Paz y Amor Mural

Paz y Amor by Federico: 1201 E 7th St

Austin Mural Coffee Creatures: 1405 E 7th

Coffee Creatures: 1405 E 7th St

Boy with Kite Mural

Boy with Kite by ULOANG: 1803 E 6th St

Cowboy Mural

Cowboy: 1800 E 6th St

Band Together Mural

Let’s Band Together by Federico: 1816 E 6th St

Our Lady Mural

Our Lady by Federico: 1623 E 7th St

Indian Eyes Mural

Eyes: 1614 E 7th St

Our Lady: 1811 E Caesar Chavez St

Sapo Mural

Sapo: 1900 Manor Rd

Austin Mural Rhapsody: 11th & Waller

Rhapsody by John Yancey: E 11th St & Waller St

East Side Pies Mural

Chill Out: 1401 Rosewood Ave

Flowers Leaves Lips Mural

Flowers and Leaves: 515 Pedernales St (parking lot)

E 6th Murals

E 6th St between Pedernales St & Calles St

Austin Mural Bicycles: 14th & Chestnut

Bicycles: E 14th St & Chestnut Ave

Austin Mural Sesquicentennial: 1161 Angelina

Sesquicentennial: 1161 Angelina St

Austin mural King of Pop: 1900 E 12th

King of Pop: 1900 E 12th St Update 5/17: This mural has been painted over.

Music Capital Mural

Music Capital: E 12th St & Chicon St

Mirror Peacock Mosaic

Mirrored Peacock Mosaic: 1808 E 12th St

Black Women Heroes Mural

Making History: 1700 E 12th St

Pizza Cats Mural

Pizza Cats: 1604 E 12th St

Resist Mural

Resist: 1604 E 12th St

Austin mural Livestrong: 2201 E 6th

Livestrong by Mister Cartoon: 2201 E 6th St (back of building)

Austin Mural In the Same Boat Now: 2000 E 12th St

In the Same Boat Now by Federico: 2000 E 12th St

Austin Mural You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

Prince and How You Doin Murals

Prince, etc: E 4th St & Attayac St

Beauty Will Save the World: E 4th St between San Marcos St and Medina St

Austin Mural Flamingo Mitote: Patterson Park, 4200 Brookview

Flamingo Mitote by Stephanie Distefano: Patterson Park, 4200 Brookview Rd

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