Children’s Park in San Marcos

Spending a a little time in San Marcos’ Children’s Park can make adults feel like kids again. And children are in for some of the best free fun around!

As you drive up to the park, the playground’s castle-like spires entice young minds to imagine another world. Made entirely of wood, the play structure is elaborately crafted to create a maze of excitement.

Although the playground is fun for kids of all ages, it is divided into two sections: higher towers and longer slides for older kids, a sandpit and smaller slides for young ones.

There is also a jungle gym, two swing-sets and a tire swing.

With a pathway going around the play area, and a nearby river and walking trail, this park merits multiple visits, and provides all kinds of free family fun.

For more information, visit Tour San Marcos.

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Contributed by: Kristie O’Donnell

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