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A message from Stephen C. Webster, Executive Editor…

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Hi there,

Thanks for reading Free Fun in Austin! As a longtime resident of Austin and a life-long Texan who is feeling the pinch of an increasingly expensive city, I know how important it is to have a community-oriented resource for families on a budget. That’s why we bring a sense of honor to our work with Free Fun in Austin.

My family faces the same challenges that inspired Free Fun in Austin’s founder, Heidi Gollub, to create this website as a service to mothers and families trying to save money however possible. When Austin.com and Free Fun in Austin came together in February 2017, we knew that there was an opportunity to really build upon something that had already become very special to many families in Austin, Texas. That is why Proud Highway Media Group is hard at work to make one of Austin’s best blogs better than ever, adding more information to each post, bringing new contributors to the site, and launching new features on top of all the regular content our audience has come to know and love.

If you enjoy our work, don’t forget to follow Free Fun in Austin on Facebook for all the latest info. Most of all, please know that we are always listening to our readers. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email or on social media. This website is 100% by and for Austinites, so if you live in this city and have an opinion about our site, we want to hear from you.

Thank you for reading,

Stephen C. Webster
Executive Editor
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The Free Fun Gang!

Laurie Lyons-Makaimoku – Managing Editor

Hailing from Hawaii, Laurie first fell in love with the quirky charm, beautiful green spaces, and innovative thinking that makes Austin such a lovely place while attending the University of Texas for her undergraduate degree. After finishing her Masters Degree in New Media Journalism, Laurie worked in Austin’s nonprofits and school systems before circling back to her original passion as a writer. As a new wife and first time mom of baby Mata’i, family has moved to the top of her priority list, which means that finding free fun is always on her mind.

Jaelyn Penner – Calendar Manager

Jaelyn was born and raised in Kansas, but she got to Texas as soon as she could!  After a few years of youthful fun in Dallas, Jaelyn decided to make her passion her career and headed to west Texas to make it happen.  There, she honed her musical chops while studying Commercial Music, and then headed straight for Austin to help keep it weird.  Once here, she unexpectedly found her soul mate, and loves that her husband and two boys are now her biggest fans!  Besides being a musician, Jaelyn also works as a corporate event planner, is a self-proclaimed “celebratory expert” and a long-time foodie.  She doesn’t feel complete unless she is keeping up with all the cool stuff Austin has to offer.  You can check out her music website at www.jaelynmusic.com.

Catherine Avril Morris – Contributing Writer

Catherine Avril Morris is a writer as well as a once-and-future teacher, musician, jogger and triathlete living in southwest Austin, Texas. Yes, many of her former passions and pastimes have given way, at least temporarily, to her current, main passion and pastime: caring for her two children, Pearl and Zephyr, who make Catherine and her husband laugh (and cry) on a daily basis. In 2012, Catherine was in the cast of the Listen to Your Mother Show in Austin, in which she read her essay about her first child, August, dying unexpectedly at birth. Catherine writes about subjects ranging from parenting to politics, astrology and grief for various online publications. She also volunteers for Ruby’s Rainbow, a nonprofit organization that grants educational scholarships to adult students with Down syndrome. Visit Catherine on the Web at catherineavrilmorris.com.

Katie Hall

Katie Hall  – Advertising Sales

Before moving to Austin in 2014, Katie was living with her husband and two little girls in a small northern Michigan town called Traverse City, with a career in marketing. When the opportunity arose for her family to move cross country, they jumped at the chance to explore a new city (and climate), and set off on their new adventure. Little did she know that this new city would bring much excitement, fulfillment and fun! When Katie and her family aren’t busy exploring all that Austin has to offer, she can be found chasing after her two little girls (4 years old and 18 months) and running her own business, WynnRuby.com. You can contact Katie at [email protected].