Exploring Austin’s Street Art, Murals & Mosaics

Driving around town, kids in tow, fighting traffic, I usually find myself so focused on getting from Point A to Point B in one piece that I fail to notice the details in between. But so much of Austin’s unique appeal is in those details and quirks that we tend to take for granted. This post is a perfect example. I set out last week to compile a Top 10 list of murals–a bucket list of sorts–to visit with the kiddos over Spring Break. I planned to include the touristy ones we all know but I hoped to stumble upon a few hidden treasures too. After an hour downtown, my 10 became 20. An hour on The Drag bumped it 25. An hour on SoCo…. Well, you get the idea.

What I discovered was that when I took a deep breath and really started looking, incredible art was everywhere: gas stations, Chinese takeout joints, back alleys, even apartment buildings. My seven year-old actually got grumpy with me because I couldn’t stop to photograph every piece of street art he spotted while we cruised East Austin. Seeking out these pieces became like a scavenger hunt for our family and we had a blast seeing our city with fresh eyes.

So…here’s a start. When the Spring Break crazies kick in, get out and see how many of these beauties you can find. And when you’ve exhausted this list, just look a little harder. I think you’ll be amazed by the art that’s out there. I spotted several new pieces going up around town last week for SXSW, so you may even luck into seeing an artist in action. Happy hunting!

HOPE Outdoor Gallery: 11th & Baylor

Federico: 914 N Lamar

Deep Eddy Mural Project: 401 Deep Eddy Ave

Triple Cash: 509 Rio Grande

Joan Jett by Shepard Fairey: 304 W 4th UPDATE: A reader let us know that Joan Jett is no longer there.

6th St Historic District: 6th & SB I-35 Access Rd

Frank Public Art (Changes Monthly): 4th & Colorado

Keep Austin Fresh: 303 Colorado (temporary; inside covered sidewalk)

You Are Original: 3rd & Guadalupe (Just inside parking garage exit)

’til death do us part: Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress

Austintatious: 23rd St Artisan Market, 23rd & Guadalupe

Dylan and Satchmo: Hole in the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe

Music Legends: 24th & Guadalupe

Jeremiah the Innocent: 21st & Guadalupe

Impressionism: 24th & Guadalupe

Austin, Texas: 3700 Guadalupe

A Day at the Park: Shipe Park, 4400 Avenue G

Unicorn and Friends: 4413 Guadalupe (On alley)

Pond Scene: 4413 Guadalupe

Buddha: 4315 Guadalupe

Grotto Wall at Sparky Park: 3701 Grooms St

Smile: S Congress & Elizabeth

Home Slice Pee-wee: 1415 S Congress

i love you so much: 1300 S Congress

Horse: 1700 S Congress

Books: 1608 S Congress

Our Lady: 1500 S Congress

Give: 1401 S Congress

Floating Cupcakes: 1602 S Congress (On alley)

Amy’s Cartoon People: 1301 S Congress

Greetings from Austin Postcard: S 1st & Annie

Panorama: S 1st & Stassney

South Austin Music: 1402 S Lamar

Alphonse Mucha and the Four Seasons: 2003 S Lamar

Travis Heights: E Riverside at Alta Vista

Puppy Love: 2015 E Riverside

El Lago: E 5th between Chicon and Comal

Our Lady: 1811 E Caesar Chavez

Bulldog: 1510 E Caesar Chavez (back of building)

Austin Mural Rhapsody: 11th & Waller

Rhapsody: 11th & Waller

Austin Mural Bicycles: 14th & Chestnut

Bicycles: 14th & Chestnut

Austin Mural Sesquicentennial: 1161 Angelina

Sesquicentennial: 1161 Angelina

Autin Mural The Shoe Shiners: 1314 Rosewood Ave

The Shoe Shiners: 1314 Rosewood Ave

Austin Mural Beauty

Beauty: 1309 Rosewood Ave

Austin Mural Coffee Creatures: 1405 E 7th

Coffee Creatures: 1405 E 7th

Austin mural Love: 1905 E 12th

Love: 1905 E 12th

Austin mural King of Pop: 1900 E 12th

King of Pop: 1900 E 12th

Austin mural Livestrong: 2201 E 6th

Livestrong: 2201 E 6th (back of building)

Austin mural Cisco's: 1511 E 6th

Cisco’s: 1511 E 6th

Austin Mural In the Same Boat Now: 2000 E 12th St

In the Same Boat Now: 2000 E 12th St

Austin Mural You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

Beauty Will Save the World: E 4th between San Marcos and Medina

Austin Mural Shadows: 7th & Navasota

Shadows: 7th & Navasota

Austin Mural Where is Your Heart

Where is Your Heart?: 610 Calles (Read more about this collaborative project here.)

Austin Mural Flamingo Mitote: Patterson Park, 4200 Brookview

Flamingo Mitote: Patterson Park, 4200 Brookview

Austin Mural Jerry's Artarama: 6010 N IH 35

Jerry’s Artarama: 6010 N IH 35

Austin mural Sea Monsters: 10938 Research Blvd

Sea Monsters: 10938 Research Blvd

1102 Koenig Lane, Austin

Hello: 1102 Koenig Lane

Here’s a map of Austin’s street art, to get you started on your adventure!



6 Comments on "Exploring Austin’s Street Art, Murals & Mosaics"

  1. Saila Islam | April 21, 2015 at 7:01 pm |

    There’s another one “Love is the question, Love is the answer” at Nau’s Enfield Drug at 1115 West Lynn Street (intersection of 12th and West Lynn),

  2. Thanks, Saila! I’ve seen photos of that one online but haven’t been out to see it yet.

  3. You might want to add Edward Rendon Park to your list of authentic murals. Go to the far eastern area near the former power plant–follow the trail near the basketball courts– and find a beautiful painting depicting Latino life. Also old murals still grace the Metz pool area. Even more pertinent is the soon to be restored Loteria mural at 1619 E. Cesar Chavez. Well-meaning SXSW fans decided to “update” the 1989 mural without understanding the cultural significance. They have willingly agreed to fund the resurrection of that mural.

  4. Natalie Tanner | May 24, 2015 at 1:25 pm |

    These have been such fun to explore! Thanks for such a comprehensive list!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  5. Has anyone seen any new ones to share with us?

  6. I follow the #streetartatx hashtag on Instagram to see new art. You can see recent posts here: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/streetartatx/

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