2014 Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown

Georgetown, the Red Poppy Capital of Texas, will paint the town red this weekend! The city’s annual Red Poppy Festival kicks off on Friday, April 25, 2014 with a free concert by Dysfunkshun Junkshun and continues all weekend with non-stop family fun. Head to the historic square to enjoy a parade, arts and crafts, a car show, a kids’ area (all free!), a bike ride, a 3v3 basketball tournament, and more. Admission to the festival is free.

Friday, April 25:

  • 7:00P Dysfunkshun Junkshun Friday Night Kick-off Concert FREE (bring your own chair or reserve a table) (Red Poppy Stage)

Saturday, April 26:

  • 10:00A Festival Opens!
  • Arts & Crafts Booths & Food Court Open
  • Kids Area Opens
  • “Paint the Georgetown Red” Parade
  • 10:15A AcroTex (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 10:45A Performing Arts Studio (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 11:00A Ms. Georgetown Showcase (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 11:00A Car Show Opens
  • 11:00A 3v3 Basketball Tournament Begins
  • 11:30A Off The Record (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 11:30A Xander Ortiz (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 11:45A Georgetown Conservatory Dance(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 12:30P Brett and the Hometown Heroes (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 12:30P Williams Elementary Choir(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 1:00P Cooper Elementary/Allegro (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 1:30P Ford Elementary Choir (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 1:30P Tessylou and the Shotgun Stars (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 2:00P Tippit Middle School Choir (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 2:00P Annie & Kate (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 2:45P Arts Avenue For Kids (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 3:00P Car Show Awards & Show Closes (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 3:00P Alpha Punks (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 3:15P Cedar Park Dance (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 4:00P Dolce Music Ensemble (Celebrate Georgetown Stage) 
  • 4:00P Franklins Tower (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 5:00P Kids Area Closes
  • 5:00P 3v3 Basketball Closes
  • 5:00P Not Past 11 (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 5:00P Christina Murphy (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 6:00P Colin Huntley (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 7:30P Curtis Grimes Opening Saturday Night Concert and Street Dance FREE (bring your own chair) or reserve a table (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 9:30P The Bellamy Brothers (Red Poppy Stage)

Sunday, April 27:

  • 11:00A Festival Opens!
  • Arts & Crafts Booths & Food Court Open
  • Kids Area Opens
  • 3v3 Basketball Begins
  • 11:00A Justice Kaigler (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 11:00A Georgetown Palace Theatre(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 11:30A The Siekers (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 11:30A Round Rock Repertory Dance(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 12:00P Matt Graves (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 12:30 P Austin Celtic Dance (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 1:00P Kids Sport Dance (Celebrate Georgetown Stage) 
  • 1:00P Red Poppy Coloring Contest Awards(Red Poppy Stage)
  • 1:00P JJ Nunez (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 1:30P Performing Arts Studio (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 2:00P Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 2:00P Colin Huntley Band (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 2:00P Sue’s Dance (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 3:00P Minnie & Ella Jordan (Little Poppy Stage)
  • 3:30P Brandon Rhyder (Red Poppy Stage) 
  • 3:30P Kids Sport (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 4:00P Arts Avenue For Kids (Celebrate Georgetown Stage) 
  • 4:00P Brett & Drew (Little Poppy Stage) 
  • 4:00P East View High School Jazz Band(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 4:00P Kids Area Closes
  • 4:30P Ms. Georgetown Talent Showcase(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  • 5:00P 3v3 Basketball Tournament Closes
  • 5:00P Festival Closes

For Saturday’s parade route, click here. For parking information, go here. Be sure to note the street closures before heading out.  A free shuttle service will be provided by Flash Transportation to the Red Poppy Festival on Saturday only, from 9:00 a.m. until after the Saturday Night Concert. You can park and ride the shuttle at 610 N. Austin Avenue (Old Albertsons).

For more information, visit the Red Poppy Festival website.



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