Exploring Austin’s Street Art, Murals & Mosaics

Driving around town, kids in tow, fighting traffic, I usually find myself so focused on getting from Point A to Point B in one piece that I fail to notice the details in between. But so much of Austin’s unique appeal is in those details and quirks that we tend to take for granted. This post is a perfect example. I set out last week to compile a Top 10 list of murals–a bucket list of sorts–to visit with the kiddos over Spring Break. I planned to include the touristy ones we all know but I hoped to stumble upon a few hidden treasures too. After an hour downtown, my 10 became 20. An hour on The Drag bumped it 25. An hour on SoCo…. Well, you get the idea.

What I discovered was that when I took a deep breath and really started looking, incredible art was everywhere: gas stations, Chinese takeout joints, back alleys, even apartment buildings. My seven year-old actually got grumpy with me because I couldn’t stop to photograph every piece of street art he spotted while we cruised East Austin. Seeking out these pieces became like a scavenger hunt for our family and we had a blast seeing our city with fresh eyes.

So…here’s a start. When the Spring Break crazies kick in, get out and see how many of these beauties you can find. And when you’ve exhausted this list, just look a little harder. I think you’ll be amazed by the art that’s out there. I spotted several new pieces going up around town last week for SXSW, so you may even luck into seeing an artist in action. Happy hunting!

HOPE Outdoor Gallery: 11th & Baylor

Federico: 914 N Lamar

Deep Eddy Mural Project: 401 Deep Eddy Ave

Triple Cash: 509 Rio Grande

Joan Jett by Shepard Fairey: 304 W 4th

6th St Historic District: 6th & SB I-35 Access Rd

Frank Public Art (Changes Monthly): 4th & Colorado

Keep Austin Fresh: 303 Colorado (temporary; inside covered sidewalk)

You Are Original: 3rd & Guadalupe (Just inside parking garage exit)

’til death do us part: Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress

Austintatious: 23rd St Artisan Market, 23rd & Guadalupe

Dylan and Satchmo: Hole in the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe

Music Legends: 24th & Guadalupe

Jeremiah the Innocent: 21st & Guadalupe

Impressionism: 24th & Guadalupe

Austin, Texas: 3700 Guadalupe

A Day at the Park: Shipe Park, 4400 Avenue G

Unicorn and Friends: 4413 Guadalupe (On alley)

Pond Scene: 4413 Guadalupe

Buddha: 4315 Guadalupe

Grotto Wall at Sparky Park: 3701 Grooms St

Smile: S Congress & Elizabeth

Home Slice Pee-wee: 1415 S Congress

i love you so much: 1300 S Congress

Horse: 1700 S Congress

Books: 1608 S Congress

Our Lady: 1500 S Congress

Give: 1401 S Congress

Floating Cupcakes: 1602 S Congress (On alley)

Amy’s Cartoon People: 1301 S Congress

Greetings from Austin Postcard: S 1st & Annie

Panorama: S 1st & Stassney

South Austin Music: 1402 S Lamar

Alphonse Mucha and the Four Seasons: 2003 S Lamar

Travis Heights: E Riverside at Alta Vista

Puppy Love: 2015 E Riverside

El Lago: E 5th between Chicon and Comal

Our Lady: 1811 E Caesar Chavez

Bulldog: 1510 E Caesar Chavez (back of building)

Austin Mural Rhapsody: 11th & Waller

Rhapsody: 11th & Waller

Austin Mural Bicycles: 14th & Chestnut

Bicycles: 14th & Chestnut

Austin Mural Sesquicentennial: 1161 Angelina

Sesquicentennial: 1161 Angelina

Autin Mural The Shoe Shiners: 1314 Rosewood Ave

The Shoe Shiners: 1314 Rosewood Ave

Austin Mural Beauty

Beauty: 1309 Rosewood Ave

Austin Mural Coffee Creatures: 1405 E 7th

Coffee Creatures: 1405 E 7th

Austin mural Love: 1905 E 12th

Love: 1905 E 12th

Austin mural King of Pop: 1900 E 12th

King of Pop: 1900 E 12th

Austin mural Livestrong: 2201 E 6th

Livestrong: 2201 E 6th (back of building)

Austin mural Cisco's: 1511 E 6th

Cisco’s: 1511 E 6th

Austin Mural In the Same Boat Now: 2000 E 12th St

In the Same Boat Now: 2000 E 12th St

Austin Mural You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

Beauty Will Save the World: E 4th between San Marcos and Medina

Austin Mural Shadows: 7th & Navasota

Shadows: 7th & Navasota

Austin Mural Where is Your Heart

Where is Your Heart?: 610 Calles (Read more about this collaborative project here.)

Austin Mural Flamingo Mitote: Patterson Park, 4200 Brookview

Flamingo Mitote: Patterson Park, 4200 Brookview

Austin Mural Jerry's Artarama: 6010 N IH 35

Jerry’s Artarama: 6010 N IH 35

Austin mural Sea Monsters: 10938 Research Blvd

Sea Monsters: 10938 Research Blvd

Here’s a map of Austin’s street art, to get you started on your adventure!

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  • Saila Islam

    There’s another one “Love is the question, Love is the answer” at Nau’s Enfield Drug at 1115 West Lynn Street (intersection of 12th and West Lynn),

    • http://www.freefuninaustin.com Heidi

      Thanks, Saila! I’ve seen photos of that one online but haven’t been out to see it yet.