Super Cool Climbing Ball at Pflugerville Lake

We finally went to check out the new park at Pflugerville Lake, and discovered this giant ball! My boys and their friend loved climbing inside the “spider web.”

We also had a great time wading in the shallow water along the new beach. Next time we go we’ll take some bread because the ducks were quite friendly. When it gets warmer it will be fun to go there for a swim.

The City of Pflugerville offers single and double kayak rentals. Visit PflugFun for more information.

To get to the park, take Pflugerville Parkway going east (crossing 685 and the toll road 130) until it dead ends at Weiss Lane. Turn left on Weiss Lane. The parking lot for the park will be on your left.

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Heidi Gollub
Heidi Gollub is the founder and editor-in-chief of the award-winning website Free Fun in When not running around on adventures with her five children–ages three to 15–she volunteers for the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and shares content with the local news.  Recently, Heidi was a speaker at Mom 2.0 and the Texas Conference for Women.
  • Catherine

    We tried to feed the ducks there at Lake Pflugerville a few weeks back and they had no interest. They just swam the other way. But the birds took care of all of the bread floating in the water! It’s such a nice place to take the kids in the day when there aren’t crowds to deal with.

  • Heidi

    That’s always disappointing, when you finally (in my case) remember to bring the bread and the ducks don’t care. Of course, my boys usually end up eating the bread instead of sharing it anyway.